Huwebes, Oktubre 11, 2012

Horror Movie Hallway

I had the creepiest horror movie sequence in real life yesterday. Jim and I were about to head to the mall to watch a movie and while waiting for the elevator, a little girl about 3 years old was standing by her family’s doorway.
Please picture my warmly lit condo hallway and this Asian baby just staring at me and my boyfriend. Thoughts of this is how I die were not far off but I kept my cool. I just whispered to Jim, “that little girl is creeping me out” and like it was all planned out, the elevators were taking forever. The little girl suddenly ran up to us and said, “Mag-isa lang ako kasi iniwan ako ni mama pero okay lang hindi ako takot kasi kasama ko naman si Jesus.”
What. The. Stuff.
Her voice was horror movie worthy. So many things ran through my mind. This girl is trying to lure me into her den and her kuya/stepdad/demon will kill me. Creepiness aside, I was alarmed at the fact that her mother had left her all alone in their condo. The little girl said her mom went out to get pizza and I had to talk her into going back in the room and I made her promise me not to go out again and to keep the door closed while I look for her mom.
Jim says while I was talking to the girl by her doorway, the elevator opened and a big “wolf dog” and its owner were occupying half of it. It was probably the Siberian Husky I’ve encountered but he swears it was monstrously big. But that’s Jim and he’s a great storyteller a.k.a. he tends to exaggerate heehee.
So we had to wait for another elevator and I kept coaxing the little girl to stay in her room. Damn it, it was all too Twilight Zone for me. When I got downstairs I talked to the receptionist and told her to send a guard to look for the girl’s mother in 711. I am totally judging her. Don’t leave your kids alone. Jeez, if you want pizza that bad just order in or bring your kid with you to get pizza.
Anyway, I have no visuals for this story but I just thought it was one for the books. Or one for the blog. Hindi pa Halloween ano baaa.

Credis: Saab Magalona

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